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Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of “Market Monitor,” your go-to hub for surfing the high waves of Wall Street Bets! This isn’t just any dashboard; it’s a real-time, ever-evolving beast that brings the strategies we’ve discussed to life. Think of it as your command center, packed with dynamic tables that constantly update with the latest and greatest opportunities.

If you’re on the hunt for the best stocks to Wheel, aim for the ones in the big, flashy red table – you know, where the ratios are so low. Here, options are as expensive as a gourmet coffee at a hipster cafe

The description of these tables can be found at the bottom of this section. For a full overview of all current opportunities visit the awesome Market Chameleon.

Opportunities to Buy Straddles

Opportunities to Sell Straddles

Opportunities with Synthetic Discounts

Wallstreet Bets Hotness Tracker

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Let’s kick off with our Straddle Spotter. This nifty feature is like having a sixth sense for sniffing out both undervalued and overpriced straddles. Want the nitty-gritty on how it ticks and how to leverage it for maximum gain? Head over to our Realized Volatility page for a deep dive.

But here’s the quick scoop for those itching to get started: The Ratio is your golden key. A high Ratio? That’s your green light to grab that straddle. A low Ratio? Time to sell and cash in. Stay tuned to the Market Monitor, and you’re always in the know!

Let’s kick off with our Synthetic Spotter. This is vital tool for identifying both undervalued and overpriced synthetics in the market. It’s designed for investors seeking quick insights or in-depth analysis. The key feature is the Synth Discount: a deep negative percentage indicates a buying opportunity for undervalued options, while a smaller negative or positive percentage suggests selling overpriced ones. This tool simplifies the process of buying stocks at a price lower than their current market value, with real-time updates provided by the Market Monitor. Want the details? Visit the Synthetics page.

Finally our Wallstreet Bets Hotness Tracker. Our Wallstreet Bets Hotness Tracker is an innovative tool designed for savvy traders, providing a real-time overview of trending stocks on Wallstreet Bets. It ranks stocks based on mentions and upvotes, comparing current data with stats from 24 hours ago. The tool’s standout feature is the custom Hotness Ratio, a unique metric that blends mentions and upvotes to gauge a stock’s current market buzz and sentiment.